Two-Step Login (Duo) Video Learning


Curious about Duo but not sure where to start?

Below is a series of educational videos, each targeted to a specific topic.


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This video was created by UO's partner for two-step login, Duo Security. It shows a very brief overview of what it's like to use Duo to login to any service.


01 - UO General Information (08:32)

This video covers general information about two-step login as a service offering, why UO is implementing it, what the change means for employees, and basic requirements for using the service.

02 - Demo of the UO Duo experience (06:48)

This video demos what your login experience will be like after you register your first device with Duo. 

03 - UO Duo Registration Walkthrough (09:01)

This video provides a walkthrough of registering your first device with Duo, and also how to register additional devices.

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