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Info on UO data centers.

Red Hat Network (RHN)

FAQ and how to use the Red Hat Network.

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Active Directory FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding active directory.

BeyondTrust FAQ - End Users

This is a BeyondTrust FAQ targeted at end users who are receiving support from a BeyondTrust Representative.

BeyondTrust FAQ - Support Representatives

This is a BeyondTrust FAQ targeted at support representatives who utilize BeyondTrust to help support their users.

BitLocker Administrator's Configuration

A guide for integrating BitLocker configuration with Active Directory.

Exchange Admin Request and Approval Process

How to apply to become an exchange administrator.

Is your server managed by Information Services?

This article describes how a systems administrator would determine whether a server is managed by Information Services.

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

LAPS is a solution to eliminate the need to manage and track local administrator account passwords for Windows server/workstation machines.

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring and alerting enables IT organizations to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect system availability

New Firewall Rules Workflow

This article describes the activity flow when a New Firewall Ticket is submitted. The workflow allows the IS Data Center and Enterprise Systems groups to quickly serve the customer and then provides a process for the Information Security Office (ISO) to do an "after the fact" audit of the new rules and take remediation actions if necessary.


Info on the University of Oregon's AMAG access control system.

TSD Service Access by Affiliation

This article is a list of services the Technology Service Desk provides and who they provide these services to.

UOCloud Provisionable Storage SLA

UOCloud Storage service SLA