Guidance on accessibility standards and how to create accessible content.

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How to make documents accessible.

Guidelines for making prerecorded and live videos accessible, including captioning guidelines and how-tos for different platforms.

Tips for a more accessible social media presence

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Getting started with accessible content

Overview of how to make accessible web content

Accessible Tables

When to use and not to use tables, and how to make tables as accessible as possible.

Adding an image to a knowledge base article

This article is designed to guide any UO Service Portal content creators through the process of adding an image to a knowledge base article (KBA). This guide will cover
how to annotate an image, how to upload an image to the article, and how to maintain web accessibility standards.

Alternative Text for Images

Guidance for alt text, decorative images, and complex images

Color Use and Color Contrast

Color contrast requirements, how to test for appropriate color contrast, and guidelines on using color to highlight important information.

HTML Headings

How to use HTML headings to visually and semantically identify the structure of your webpage.

Meaningful Link Text

Guidelines for descriptive link text, with examples of good and bad link text

Webform accessibility

Resources for making accessible webforms